Our Mission

To reduce poverty through the good news of the Gospel and God’s love.

Our Vision

To Relieving Poverty, Support and help families get a better life through Spiritual and Social Support

Our Motto

A Kind Heart in Blessed Hands

Background and History

CHARITY HOPE MINISTRY is a Local NGO that would like to operate in Rwanda. The Organization strives to be a Catalyst for Long-lasting Positive change and moderate income communities around the world, Supporting them to improve
Environmental Conditions.

we are
currently in process to register at national level prior to embark with intensive activities in Musanze District.

CHARITY HOPE MINISTRY has mainly four programs namely

To Evangelize the Good news of God without limit
To support and help the people to get out of poverty and Ignorance
Educate the Citizens civil educations
To help people with Disability. To achieve its Mission and Vision

Major Objectives

·       Relieving Poverty in Underdevelopment Countries

·       Educating the Child to Strength tomorrow

·      Building a Good community development.

·      Fighting against Girls and Child Abuse to improve women's lives by ending rape and domestic violence in Rural Areas.

The ways to help others in the best possible way




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